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I’ve never felt so heard by someone.

Who can help me find the words? I knew what I wanted to get across in my business, but I needed someone to help me explain it. Diane was that person.

Lisa Friedt, Creative Strategist

I attracted a client without even trying.

As I was talking with this woman the tables turned, and she was excited to work with me. I wasn’t even selling, I was talking about what I stand for.

Justina Ford, Makeup Artist & Mindset Coach

Meet Diane

Diane Pauley is the brand and content strategist behind Gimme Sweet Words. Over the years, she’s written the words for a number of brands and has helped clients gain clarity on what to say in their businesses.

She believes that connection happens before conversions and that you need to be building relationships in your business. It’s why Diane is focused on helping business owners craft a clear message that attracts the right clients.

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