Sales pages are meant to sell. Period.

So why isn’t your sales page getting any sales? 

It’s disheartening. It’s discouraging. You feel like you’ve done all the things the internet marketers have told you to do, but something just isn’t clicking.

You wish people would read the sales page you spent hours creating and say something like, “OMG. This person totally gets me! I NEED to work with them.” 

Sounds nice, right?

NEWSFLASH: Most businesses don’t have sales pages that turn strangers into raving fans.

The good news though? YOU CAN. 

When you know what to focus on, how to write persuasively (like you’re in someone’s head) and make your sales page aesthetically pleasing to the eye, you can turn strangers into fans.

No one is born a salesperson. This is a learned skill that you hone over time. So you gave it a try and it didn’t work. That’s okay. 

You just didn’t have the right tools in your back pocket the first time around. Now you do.


A custom-designed sales page layout and copy template that will show you how to build the perfect sales page from scratch.

If you want a sales page that effortlessly does all of the selling for you, you need 2 things:

  1. Really persuasive copy (that keeps people nodding as they make it down the page)
  2. A nicely designed page (that makes people smile and feel all warm + fuzzy inside)

We can give you BOTH of these things. Why? Who are we anyway?

We’re two website designers and one copywriter rolled into one sweet package deal.

We literally make a living creating beautifully designed websites and writing words that get into people’s heads. Collectively, we’ve been in business for over two decades so we know a thing, or ten, about creating sales pages (and websites) that make you money.

What’s Included


DIY Copy Workbook



You can also choose to add-on an implementation call with the three of us. Even if you’re the best DIY’er, sometimes it’s hard going it alone, and we’re here to help.

Think you may get stuck writing your sales page copy or designing the page itself? Upgrade Let Your Sales Page Do The Selling by adding on a call with us (the experts).

This package is for you if….

You have a clearly defined offer that you need to sell.

You have basic capabilities to build a sales page using our design advice.

You have an understanding of your target audience.

This package is NOT for you if….

You are looking for someone to do the work for you (this is a DIY product).

You aren’t sure exactly what you are selling.

You are not sure who you are selling to.

I’ve never felt so heard by someone.

Who can help me find the words? I knew what I wanted to get across in my business, but I needed someone to help me explain it. Diane was that person.

Lisa Friedt

Creative Strategist

If you’re in need of a business website or an update to your current website, you’ll be delighted to work with Patricia of Syt Biz. I received “Golden Rule” treatment — fast, friendly, quality website design! My questions and any concerns were addressed promptly. Patricia communicates clearly. She takes the pain out of tech. She’s patient with tech-challenged people like myself. I wish I’d met her a couple of years ago when I was struggling to get my website up and running! I’m a happy Syt Biz fan now. 🙂 Better get on her schedule before her waiting list gets too long.
Julia Daniels

Freelance Content Writer

Ready to let your sales page do the selling?

Get our Help – Add on an Implementation Call

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I have to be a designer to use these templates?
Of course not! Our templates do require a basic knowledge of Divi or Elementor. However, they are completely laid out for you so once the layouts are uploaded, all you have to do is substitute your content and images. Not like one of those themes that you buy but later looks nothing like the original picture.
Do I have to use a specific WordPress theme to use these templates?
Two of the layouts we’ve provided were built using Divi since that is our (Patricia & Lily’s) expertise. However, Elementor is a page builder that can be used with most WordPress themes. So if you do not use Divi, you can use that layout instead!
If I purchase an implementation call, will you tell me how to build my sales page?
Yes and no. The implementation calls are more strategy related than they are tech-related. So let’s say you need some help deciding how to structure your page, design wise. Or you need some help figuring out how to talk to your ideal client. That we can help with!
If I'm not happy with the product, will you give me a refund?
In select circumstances, we will offer a refund. However, it is not a guaranteed refund as this is a digital product. Before purchasing, please keep in mind that there will be some technical knowledge required to use the design resources.

Ready to let your sales page do the selling?

Get our Help – Add on an Implementation Call

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