You’re already an expert – you just need an online presence that represents all of who you are and all that you know how to do.

Does this sound like you?

You want to be seen for the expert you are.

You’re done hiring designers who don’t take the time to understand who you are.

You crave more leads, more fans, more clients.

You’re done DIY’ing to the best of your abilities.

You’re also done going this alone because every time you try to get visible? You chicken out.

Don’t feel bad about how you’re feeling. This stuff is overwhelming.
Getting visible and being heard online doesn’t come easy for anyone.

But you know what does help?

A website that brilliantly captures who you are and what you do.

Copy that speaks directly to the type of clients you’re trying to reach.

An online presence that shows you as the expert you are

What it really comes down to is getting someone on your team who sees you and understands what you stand for and what you offer.

Someone who can help you stop playing small behind-the-scenes and get you front and center on the main screen where you belong.

What if you had that someone (or three) on your team? 

Hey! We’re Lily Dagdag and Patricia Talavera, WordPress website designers, and Diane Pauley, content strategist and copywriter.

We’ve partnered up because we believe in helping women entrepreneurs (like you) take their businesses to the next level. Our goal is to help you see yourself the way your clients already see you – as an expert.

Each of us knows what it’s like to hide and play small in our businesses and to tuck our genius away. And each of us knows how great it finally feels to be recognized for our individual strengths and gifts.

We each took our own path to get here today, but we all learned what it takes to own our expertise online with the right websites and words to boot (and we’ve done the same for our clients time and time again).

Collectively, we’ve been in business for more than a decade. Together, we design sites and we write words that help women entrepreneurs be seen for the experts they are, so they can finally stand out online.

If you’re in need of a business website or an update to your current website, you’ll be delighted to work with Patricia of Syt Biz. I received “Golden Rule” treatment — fast, friendly, quality website design! My questions and any concerns were addressed promptly. Patricia communicates clearly. She takes the pain out of tech. She’s patient with tech-challenged people like myself. I wish I’d met her a couple of years ago when I was struggling to get my website up and running! I’m a happy Syt Biz fan now. 🙂 Better get on her schedule before her waiting list gets too long.

Julia Daniels

Freelance Content Writer

I attracted a client without even trying.

As I was talking with this woman the tables turned, and she was excited to work with me. I wasn’t even selling, I was talking about what I stand for.

Justina Ford

Makeup Artist & Mindset Coach

I’ve never felt so heard by someone.

Who can help me find the words? I knew what I wanted to get across in my business, but I needed someone to help me explain it. Diane was that person.

Lisa Friedt

Creative Strategist

Lily has been fantastic to work with. Our nonprofit organization K9s Serving Vets was looking for something better than the design company we were with and we certainly found it with Lily! Our organization is so grateful to have been referred to her. Right out of the gate it was clear that Lily and Patricia were committed to understanding what we do, how we help Veterans and how we want to convey that through our website. It’s great to have a consultant create a great product but having that consultant take the time to understand your business so that they can deliver exactly what you’re looking for is outstanding. We have received countless compliments on the site. Veterans and military spouses working together to support our heroes is a great combination!

Lisa Kira Clark

K9 Serving Vets

This package is for you if….

You are making money and have been in business for a few years
You don’t want to DIY it anymore, rather you want to invest long-term in your business
You want strategy, guidance, and you understand the value of trusting in the experts
You are open to collaborating and co-creating

This package is NOT for you if….

You are looking for a quick fix, DIY solution

You don’t have a clear vision for your business

You are just getting started and need help with your messaging and target audience

You are not open to strategy, guidance or collaboration

How we will work together

Business Strategy

The design and copy team work together on a strategy for your project.

Dig Into Your Brand

We hold a VIP day to discuss your messaging, copy and design.

Copy + Design

The design and copy team work together to create your custom website.

Feedback & Revision

We work with you to complete two rounds of revisions/edits to the site.


It’s time to officially launch your website!

Training & Support

We create custom training videos so you can manage your site (or hand it over to your trusted VA!).

This package includes:

Credit Pack from Adobe Stock (Value $150)

6 page website written and designed for you (Value $7000)

3 Google Meet consultations -30 minutes each (Value $300)

Branding board (Value $100)

Custom blog post layout (Value $100)

1 Month Content calendar (Value $500)

BONUS: VIP Day - 6 hour session with all three experts to work on your messaging, copy and website design (Value $1000)

Total Value: $9150

YOUR Investment: $7500

Click below to apply.

How long will this take?

From start to finish, your website will take 6-8 weeks to complete.

What if I don't have the time?

We understand that you’re busy and 6 to 8 weeks might seem like a long time to invest in something. But the reality is, the time will pass anyway, why not take the opportunity to create something that will attract your ideal clients and do the selling for you? Besides, with 3 pros in your corner, you’ll have plenty of support in bringing your vision to life! 

What if I'm bad at using tech?

That’s exactly why you should hire us! Lily & Patricia will take all of your tech headaches away, all you have to do is love your new website.

What's the cost of all this?

The investment for this package is $7500, payable in one or two installments.

Why should I hire a designer?

Would you pull your own tooth? Probably not. To get a website that is truly representive of you and your amazing business, you need professionals to create a custom look that is tailored to your brand. That’s where we come in.

Why is copy included?

If we’ve learned one thing over the years, it’s that good website design isn’t complete without good copy. You need both to show your clients that you are the professional they want to work with.

Are you ready to own your expert status?

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